Our Bennett/Simpson Roots

A Distinguished Heritage


GEORGE WARE (29 May 1771 – 17 Dec 1853) was born in Lenham, Kent, England the son of George Ware and Elizabeth Ottaway.

George married Elizabeth Casselden in Lenham, Kent England about 1793.  George and Elizabeth had nine children of record:

  • George Ware
  • Thomas Ware
  • Mary Ware
  • Elizabeth Ware
  • Lucy Ware
  • John Ware
  • James Ware
  • Esther Ware
  • Benjamin Ware

History of GEORGE WARE

George Ware was christened 29 May 1771, a son of George Ware and Elizabeth Ottoway. His place of christening was Smarden, Kent, England. George was the second child born to this couple. Smarden is an extensive parish situated on the turnpike road from Faversham to Tenterden, eight miles E.N.E. from Cranbrooke. It lies below a quarry hill. It contains over 5,000 acres of strong and mostly level fertile land. The Parish Church is at the south end of the village and is dedicated to St. Michael.

George’s father was a yoeman (farmer) owning land in the parish of Smarden and Lenham. I’m sure because of this station in society, George received an education fitting a son of a land owner. Many of the hardships that several of our ancestors suffered were probably not the case for George as he grew to manhood.

George’s family moved to the parish of Lenham. Here at the age of twenty two he met and took for his wife, Elizabeth Casselden. She is the daughter of Thomas Casselden and Elizabeth Burden. She was christened in the Lenham Parish Church in 1777.

In the will of George Ware, father of George, dated 15 May 1802, he makes the statement he had already advanced George, his son, 400 pounds to start a business. At the writing of this will George and Elizabeth are living on the farm his father owned in Srnarden. However, in the will the farm is left to George’s brother and his sisters and their husbands.

George and Elizabeth by this time have four children. George, born 1 Nov 1793 and christened in the Lenham Parish Church l9 Dec 1793; Thomas, born 5 Nov 1796 and christened 9 Jan 1797, Lenham; Mary born 1799 and christened 26 May 1799, Lenham; Elizabeth, born 20 Jul 1801 and christened 15 Aug 1801, Lenham. These first four children were all christened in the Ebenzer Independent Church in Lenham.

This young couple must have moved off the farm after the death of George’s father. They were residing in Lenham when the 1841 Census was taken. Before this time two girls, Lucy, christened 31 Jan 1804, and Ester born 14 Oct 1812 and christened 19 May 1813 were added to their family. A son, John who was christened 16 May 1806 is also recorded. Two boys, James christened 25 Jul 1809 and Benjamin (who is a twin to Ester) was born 14 Oct 1812 and christened 19 May 1813. The above children were born and christened in Lenham at the Lenham Parish Church. This church is dedicated to St. Mary and is a handsome structure. It has a square tower at the west end in which are eight bells, a clock, and a set of musical chimes.

The Independent Chapel of Lenham is located on the Maidstone road and was erected in 1824.

The directory of Kent lists under the Lenham Parish, a George Ware who was a coal dealer. He is also mentioned as a daily carrier. This profession was one in which the person had to own his own team and coach to transport objects or the mail from place to place. On the 1841 Census it shows George’s profession as a carrier. He is 65 at this time. These are probably the trades his father gave him the money to start. These trades would take money to get started in.

In the 1851 Census James Ware and his wife, Mary are listed and his profession is a carrier. James is the son of George. George probably passed his business on to his son.

Another son John, is shown married to a lady named Jane who was born in Smithe, Kent, England. They have three children, Sarah, John, and Norton. He is listed as an agriculture Serv.

After ten years and also in the 1851 Census, George who was born in 1771 is listed as being a widower. His loving wife passed away 17 Jul 1842 at the age of 66 years. George is living at 25 West of the Turnpike Road leaving Sandway. He is now 81 years old and listed as a ”pauper, late farmer.” Sometime after this census was taken George moved or was taken to the Union workhouse at Hollingbourn. He died there on the 17 Dec 1854 at the age of eighty three.

Time had claimed this aged man but he had left behind children to carry on and had worked diligently during his life to make a way of life for his posterity that they might have more advantages. As his posterity we can be grateful for his efforts.


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