Our Bennett/Simpson Roots

A Distinguished Heritage

Alta Merle Flinders

ALTA MERLE FLINDERS (13 Jun 1893 – 3 Oct 1979) was born in Hooper, Weber County, Utah the daughter of Willard Flinders and Mary Ellen Halliday.

Alta Merle Flinders Simpson

Merle married James Edward Simpson 20 Nov 1912 in Ogden, Weber County, Utah.  Merle and James had three children of record:

  • Virginia Simpson (7 Jun 1913 – 27 Jul 1980)
  • Elda Simpson (4 Aug 1915 – 18 Apr 1994)
  • Arlene Simpson (13 Mar 1923 – 27 Jul 2001)

Merle and James lived on their farm in Hooper, Weber County, Utah.  James died unexpectedly on 5 Jul 1954.  After James’ death, Merle continued to live in their Hooper home with her unmarried daughter, Virginia.

Merle was very active physically, tending to her small acreage of property surrounding her home until she grew too infirm to continue to do so shortly before her death 3 Oct 1979.  She is buried in the Hooper City Cemetery, Hooper, Weber County, Utah.


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