Our Bennett/Simpson Roots

A Distinguished Heritage


JOHN PINCOCK (3 Nov 1792 – 10 Oct 1844) was born in Euxton, Lancashire, England the son of James Pincock and Ellen Woods.

John married Mary Marsden 13 Aug 1815 in Eccleston, Lancashire, England.  John and Mary had nine children of record.


John Pincock, the son of James Pincock and Ellen Woods Bolton, married Mary Marsden, 13 August 1815. They were the parents of nine children: Ellen, born May 14, 1816; Ann, born March 10, 1818; Mary, born March 5, 1820; Margaret, born January 31, 1822; Elizabeth, born February 4, 1824; Jane, born January 15, 1826; Charlotte, born June 3, 1824; John, born July 27, 1829 (John, in an autobiography written in 1893, lists his birth date as July 27, 1830.); and James, born February 17, 1833.  All of these children were born in Euxton, Lancashire, England. The Parish records state the John was a joiner and bobbin maker.  In 1840 there was a bobbin factory just a short distance from the Euxton textile mill.

John and Mary were converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and were baptized in the year 1840 by their son-in-law, James Bennett, who married their daughter, Ellen.

All of the family, except Ann, sailed from Liverpool aboard the ship SHEFFIELD for New Orleans, March 31, 1840 (from the manifest of the ship SHEFFIELD, United States Archives). James Bennett was also on aboard the SHEFFIELD on the voyage.  They were a part of the third company of ‘Saints’ to sail from England, and were led by William Clark. It is interesting to note that on the ship’s manifest, John Pincock is listed as a ‘farmer’, rather than as a ‘bobbin maker and joiner’, as he was earlier listed in the Parish records.  His wife and five oldest daughters are listed as weavers.

From New Orleans, the family went north to Augusta, Iowa, where they remained until the fall of 1844, when they moved to Nauvoo, Illinois.  John died of sunstroke on October 10, 1844.  Mary died nearly one year later of cholera on September 22, 1845.   They are buried in the Old Nauvoo Cemetery.

By that time all of their daughters were married and the family was broken up.  James, the youngest child, was twelve years old when his parents died, and from then until his death he lived with his sister Elizabeth and her husband, Joseph Smith (not the prophet).  The Smith’s apparently left Nauvoo area in 1847 and crossed Iowa to Council Bluffs where Ellen (Pincock) Bennett and her husband, James were living.  James Pincock died before he reached Council Bluffs.  His older brother, John Jr., was the only son of John and Mary (Marsden) Pincock left to carry on the Pincock name.

Gravesone of John Pincock and Mary Marsden located in the Nauvoo Cemetery, Illinois. (Courtesy of Mariah A. Bivens)


3 thoughts on “JOHN PINCOCK

  1. Mariah A. Bivens on said:

    I have a picture I took of John Pincock’s (& Mary Marsden’s) tombstone in Nauvoo… it reads his death to be October 10, 1844. -If you would like me to send it to you, please feel free to contact me!


  2. Nola Cockerham on said:

    In the AUTOBIOGRAPHY of John Pincock (son of John and Mary Marsden Pincock), he writes that his parents died 21 days apart. I believe the headstone which was placed there many years later by loving descendants was inaccurate. Their death dates should both be 1845.

  3. Where can I get a copy of the autobiography?

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