Our Bennett/Simpson Roots

A Distinguished Heritage


THOMAS BENNETT (18 Jun 1780 – 30 Apr 1851) was born in Pentwortham, Lancashire, England the son of Thomas Bennett and Ann Rigby.

Thomas married Ann Parker.  Thomas and Ann had eleven children of record:

  • Ann Bennett
  • Thomas Bennett
  • William Bennett
  • George Bennett
  • James Bennett
  • Ellen Bennett
  • Alice Bennett
  • John Bennett
  • Esther Bennett
  • Samuel Bennett
  • Nancy Bennett

Letter from Thomas Bennett to James Bennett

January 24,1857

Euxton Lancashire

Dear Son,

We received your letter on the 20th inst and was glad to here that you were all well in health and wealth.  Thank God we are all the same at present me and your mother and your sisters Esther and Nancy and George your brother is all Living together at the same place as you left us Esther had two Children A Daughter and a son Viz Ann age 9 years James 7 but still unmarried.  Nancy has 2 Children Son and daughter.  Wm (William) 5 years of age Ellin 14 weeks still unmarried.  Ellin your sister and her family is doing very well. She has 4 namely Betty, Mary Ann, Ellin and James her husband is watchman at wooden Bridge Pincock railway they are Living at Daisy Hillcock.  Alice your sister She is married to James Wareing.  She is in good health.  They are Living at Euxtonburgh.  Samuel your brother is married and has 4 children Margaret, Mary, Thomas the Little one.  They are doing very well and is in good health they are living at Shaw Green he married Jane Smith.  John your brother is married to Alice the daughter of Wm (William) Heys Late of Eccleston.  They have one child and another in the box.  It is called Elizabeth Anne age 2 years they are doing very well and is in good health and living at Sparrow hall and working at the old mill.  It is filled with Steam Looms.

I wish you would send us word how provision in that country are saccording to our coin in this Country we get superfine flour at Ll..l2 per pack Common Ll..6..Potatoes from 6 to 10 schillings per load.  I should like to know how far you are from us.  I should like you to send us word to your best opinion what it would cost to come so far.

Michael Robinson and his family is all well and Richard is living at the farm that the Pencocks left and Robert is married to Bela Higham.  Michael is married but still at home.  John Bromly is dead six year ago.  Richard his son sends his best respects to you and hopes to be with you before long.  Well as I have stated welfare of our family it gives one great pleasure in begin able to say so good of them all Thank God for it.  There is better doing in England at present than there has been for many years past.  So no more a present.

From your Affectionate Father

Thomas Bennett


One thought on “THOMAS BENNETT

  1. Hi there, Fascinating reading. I am a direct descendent of William Heys who was the father-in-law to John Bennett. Please contact me if you would like to exchange information on the Heys family. Thankyou

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