Our Bennett/Simpson Roots

A Distinguished Heritage

Our Heritage


The Bennett/Simpson family now has a home on the web.  Their’s is a rich and storied heritage that deserves to be published and shared.

As diverse as our heritage is, there is a common theme that prevails.  These were men and women whose hands were made strong working the land, and whose hearts were humbled by the horse gone lame, the wilting crops in the field, the leaking barn, and the near empty food cellars.  These were men and women who had faith that if they worked hard they would prevail, or at least they would die trying.  Many did prevail, and in fact, found great success in their labors.  Others died trying, leaving their loved ones behind to carry on.  Their’s was a life not for the physically frail, nor the spiritually weak.  To each of them we owe our deepest respect and reverence.

To the men whose life histories are chronicled within these pages, and to their wives and children who loved and supported them in their endeavors, we present the eloquent tribute that follows.

Where is the Caretaker?

Where is the Caretaker?

As the long season draws to an end the twilight settles over the little barnyard.  The dusky orange sunlight casts its light upon the barns, once lofty and filled with hay; they now sit empty and vacant.

Where is the Caretaker?

The day grows late as the shadows begin to stretch out their spindly arms over the sleepy corral, once lively and bustling with livestock and alive with the calling of cattle, it now sits in silent slumber with its fences slouching, aged, and worn.

Where is the Caretaker?

The fields, once green with corn and alive with alfalfa, are now brown and dormant while countless mounds of rich upturned soil drowsily look towards the heavens awaiting a blanket of white to fall and tuck them in for a season of rest.

Where is the Caretaker?

The farm implements, once shiny and used, now rest lazily beneath the sheds that stand patiently keeping watch over their contents providing shelter from the elements.

Where is the Caretaker?

The dusty worn saddles sit eagerly in the corner listening for the familiar sound of the pitter patter of hooves signaling to them that there is work to do, but no longer are the footsteps of horses heard throughout the barnyard, only faint echoes from the past.

Where is the Caretaker?

The cowboy hat, that once graced the Caretaker’s head and shielded him from the sun’s rays, hangs lowly in the closet stained with many years of sweat and toil; a testament to the character and hard work ethic of the one who once wore it.

Where is the Caretaker?

The late fall breeze begins to blow over the barnyard signaling that a change is in the air.  The Caretaker’s footprints, that once graced the ground of the little barnyard, now gently fade away beneath the winds of the changing breeze.

Where is the Caretaker?

The day is late and the sun begins its final descent upon the forsaken little barnyard.

Where is the Caretaker?

Has he forsaken his duties?

It is the dawning of a new day and the sun begins to climb high in the east.  The warm spring air begins to blow ushering in a new season for the Caretaker.  It is a time of new life and new beginning.

Where is the Caretaker?

No longer can the Caretaker be found walking about the grounds of the small barnyard and tending to his duties here on earth.  If you listen closely you can almost hear the faint words which he spoke so often in parting –“take-care”.

Where is the Caretaker?

He has risen to greater things.  He lives on in each of us, and though the tangible things he left behind will fade with time, the things he taught us will never fade. . .

There is the Caretaker!

Once skilled in mending fences, the Caretaker is now found using his skill to mend the souls of those in need.

There is the Caretaker!

Once proficient in the planting and nourishing of seeds of corn and alfalfa, the Caretaker is now found planting and nourishing the seeds of faith and hope of the gospel within hearts of men.

There is the Caretaker!

Once found feeding and attending to his cattle, the Caretaker is now found feeding and attending to the Lord’s sheep.

There is the Caretaker!

He now awaits watching over each of us and hoping that we too will follow the example of the ultimate Caretaker – OUR SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” John 3:5

There is the Caretaker!

He is about his father’s business.

The old stained cowboy hat that once crowned the Caretaker’s head has now been replaced with a crown of glory.

There is the Caretaker!

“. . . For those that die shall rest from all their labors, and their works shall follow them; and they shall receive a crown in the mansions of my Father, which I have prepared for them”. D&C 59:2

– Wayne Benjamin Johnson, 2010


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